Dessert Tray

I saw the cutest idea for a dessert tray on Pinterest (from Joy’s Hope) the other day.  I thought it would be a perfect thing to make for Noah’s 4th birthday party.  The colors for his party were blue and yellow so I used those for the tray to keep with the theme although you could use any colors you wanted for your project.

I started with some silver trays and glass candlesticks from Dollar Tree.  Only $5 baby!

 You’ll want to prime these first to help your paint stick. Zinsser spray primer is a great choice.  It takes a little extra time, but really makes a big difference!  Now go crazy with any color combination you like!  I used some glossy spray paints from Valspar which I just happened to have on hand.    This would even be fun to do in all metallic paint for a more sophisticated look.  Fancy!

 After both sides have been well coated and the paint is completely dry, it’s time to glue them together.  I used The Original Super Glue Fix-All Adhesive.  This product worked like a charm.  It’s also available at the Dollar Tree so you can pick it up when you buy the plates and candlesticks.

I put a tape measure on top of the tray after all the pieces were glued together to weight it down.  I kept the weight on overnight to make sure there was a nice tight seal on each layer.

That’s it!  Just be sure to only put wrapped food or cupcakes in papers on the tray because it is NOT food safe!


Lantern Art Project

My son made a super cute art project in preschool the week before Christmas that I loved!  Lanterns made using a glass jar, tissue paper, Elmer’s glue and some craft wire and beads.  I thought it was so cool that I went to the craft store to buy the supplies so we could make some of these little beauties at home to give out as Christmas gifts.  We found that grandmas especially love to get these!

Water some elmer’s glue down with a bit of water and brush over the outside of the jar.  Attach cut pieces of tissue paper in whatever colors your heart desires until the surface if completely covered then put on another coat of glue to hold the tissue in place.  Let dry.  Cut a piece of craft wire (I used 16 gauge) long enough to wrap around the top of the jar a couple of times and twist the ends around a pencil for a curly Q effect.  Wrap the wire around the top of the jar, twist to hold in place then add some pretty beads to the ends of the wire.  There’s no right way to do this, whatever looks good to you.  Play around with the beads and the twists in the wire until you like it.  Use some little pliers to crimp the ends of the wire so the beads stay put.  Add a tea light and you’re done.  Instant ambiance!