How to Hide your TV

Well hello!  I’ve been MIA lately because we’ve been completely preoccupied with selling our house.  Good news, we sold our house last week.  Yeah!!  Now the fun begins… where oh where are we going to live next?  We’ve been seriously looking at moving into a brand new house (something I’ve never done before).  I’ve always been an old house girl.  I love their character and charm.  However, in the area we’ve been focusing our hunt, it’s really hard to find what we’re looking for.  So, a brand new house is starting to look pretty good and I’m actually getting excited about the idea.  One thing that I really hate about the way new houses are designed however is that TVs are supposed to hang above the fireplace in the middle of the living room.  I love TV but I don’t want it to be the focus of the room.  I’ve been doing a little looking around to see how I might be able to hide our flat screen if our only practical choice is to hang it above the fireplace.  I was surprised to find a number of great ideas.  Some are a little pricey but you’ll never know you have a TV on the wall.

Artwork and a frame disguise the TV when it’s not in use.  Very clever.  You can choose your artwork to compliment your room.

fConnection 2

Same idea as the artwork, but a family photo is displayed instead.

Family Portrait - This project shows both custom artwork with a family portrait as well as concealment of the center channel speaker above the TV.

Not a fan of the artwork or photo, how about a mirror?  You would never know there’s a TV under there, huh?

Dielectric TV Mirror - Premium Hardwood Style in Black Satin Finish

Another creative way to cover up the TV is with a cabinet.  Here are a couple of ideas…

wooden wall-mounted plasma TV cabinet


Here’s another idea… a framed photo on one side and the tv on the other.  Just flip to the side you want to use.  Very clever!

A tapestry scrolls down over this TV to cover it when not in use.

It may cost a pretty penny, but at least there is some technology out there to help hide those TVs so they are not the focus of the room.  Now I just need to find a house to put it in!

Home Office Makeover

I didn’t realize just how bad our home office was until I looked at the “before” photos I took to show you.  Yikes, it was so cluttered and dark.  No wonder I never wanted to get any work done in there!  I chose that wall color when I moved into this house 8 years ago and loved it for a while.  However, as our little room got filled with more and more stuff it just didn’t feel right anymore.  Eight years is a good long time for me to live with a wall color anyway.  I’m a girl to likes to shake things up every so often.  In my opinion, there’s nothing that changes a room more than putting a different shade of latex on the walls and there’s probably no cheaper way to make such a drastic change either.  Gotta love that!

So here it is before.  No staging done for this photo… that’s for sure.

One more shot of what this room used to look like.

I really wanted to brighten up this room.  It’s not very large and my husband and I both have desks in here so wanted to make the room feel a bit bigger too if that was possible.  I chose a pale blueish green color and I also put a fresh coat of white ceiling paint up which really made the walls pop.

I completely reorganized the furniture layout too, moving my husband’s desk to a different wall and adding two new IKEA book shelves to my side of the room.  We have so much more storage space now and the room feels soooo much less cluttered.

My hubbies new side of the office…

My new side of the office…
I already had this IKEA desk and floating shelves, which I really love, so I picked up a couple of their bookshelves which match beautifully.  Typically I don’t love the whole matchy-matchy thing, but there was something about all this crisp white against the light walls that just seemed so clean and cheery.  I’m thinking my creative juices will really be flowing now!

Small changes can make a space feel new

It’s the beginning of the year and I’m in serious re-do mode!  I rearranged the family room the other day, organized my desk (well I made a dent in it anyway), did some serious pruning in the front flower beds and bought some new art for the kitchen nook.  Sometimes I just get tired of a room looking the same every day and just need something to be different (not necessarily new).  I get an itch to rearrange the furniture or make some small changes to freshen things up a bit.  My pocket book doesn’t always allow a complete overhaul, so I think… what can I do with what already exists in the house, or what inexpensive changes can I make to give the room a new feel? 

We re-did our kitchen last year and at that time I had purchased a piece of artwork for the kitchen nook that I really liked and went nicely with our new color scheme but I always thought I needed MORE.  I could never figure out what to put on the adjoining wall that tied in with this wrought iron piece so I just left it empty.  I found a couple of paintings the other day that were too pretty and the colors made me feel happy and sunny.  I picked them both up for a cool fifty bucks at Pier 1 Imports, not bad!  So, out with the old and in with the new and I’m happy again when I walk in my kitchen in the morning! 

Out with the Old…

In with the new…