1st Sewing Project: Sweater Pillow

Since I started this blog a short time ago, the projects I’ve worked on have fallen somewhere in my comfort zone.  Today was the day that all of that changed… I don’t sew!  In fact, the last time I think I came close to a sewing machine was in my high school home EC. class when we made patchwork pillows.  Let’s just say that I’m so clueless around a sewing machine that I had to ask for help when threading the thing.  Was this lack of experience going to stop me?  No way, I’m up for a challenge.  Especially with this being the new year and all I thought it would be good to try something new.
Recently I’ve seen a few pics on-line of these cute sweater pillows and really wanted to give it a try… what’s the worse that could happen right?  I found a sweater at the second hand store since I didn’t have anything in my closet that I was ready to take the scissors to and used an old pillow that had seen it’s better days for the stuffing.  I also splurged on a couple of nice buttons to add a little decorative touch.  Anyway, it was really very easy and if I’m saying that, seriously, it was pretty easy.  I cut the sweater to roughly the size I needed leaving one side seam together then sewed two other sides to fit my pillow form.  I then turned it right side out, stuck the pillow form inside and sewed up the last side by hand which didn’t take much time at all.  I stitched on the buttons using the longest needle I could find and looky, looky, my own personally sewn sweater pillow.  This is a proud day for me!  I gained a little confidence putting this together today so watch for more sewing projects in the future!