Scarf Storage Ideas

I’ve accumulated  a bunch of scarves over the years and they keep ending up squished in one drawer in our bedroom.  I fold them up nice and neat and then after a little while they end up  a wadded mess.  Since I’m in the process of doing a little spring cleaning around our house, I decided to tackle the scarf situation.  I’m in no way organized or disciplined enough to keep everything folded nice and neat in a drawer, it’s just not going to happen, so I decided they needed to be hung up so they were all visible and so I could find what I needed quickly (we’re often rushing out the door around here).  I just happened to have a couple of racks my husband used for  his ties and decided they would work perfectly.  Hung on the back of our bedroom door my scarves are easy to get to but out of sight.

I looked around to see what other gals were doing to organize their scarves and found some pretty great ideas…

Bracketed rods hung between walls.  Perfect for a tight space.


Apartment Therapy

Scarf hanger takes up almost no room in your closet.

Scarf Storage

Curtain rod with S hooks and rings.

Pinned Image

Wire basket for rolled scarves.  Great if you don’t have a big collection.


Ladder for hanging scarves and jewelry.  Adorable!

I'm Glad I Exist

Clear shoe storage system.  Perfect for scarves!


A Thoughtful Place

Hanging scarf storage from Isabella.

Scarf Hangup


Good luck organizing at you house.  Happy Friday!